About Us

    Welcome to Smart Home Scope

    Smart Home Scope was launched on June 23, 2023. Erfan Askari, the founder of this brand, felt a significant void in the world of smart home technologies. This void was experienced because there was no trustworthy source to provide in-depth information for those who are looking to set up a smart home environment – a place where people can look into and find answers to their questions related to smart homes.

    About Smart Home Scope

    Who we are

    Smart Home Scope can’t just be called a brand; it’s like a spotlight of support and knowledge for people who want to become smart homeowners. Our founder, Erfan Askari, has more than 4 years of experience in this field, particularly with smart cameras. He has worked with over 200 individuals during this time. Such experience has given him in-depth knowledge of how every element works in a smart home environment. All of this knowledge has been compiled and brought to you on a platform that we now call Smart Home Scope!

    Our Mission

    As mentioned earlier, at Smart Home Scope, we aim to offer you a platform where anyone—whether they’re attempting to create a smart home setup from scratch or looking to enhance or troubleshoot their existing smart system—can refer to whenever they need guidance. We’re not just here to provide information; the goal is to create a community where information is thoughtfully crafted to empower, educate, and assist. Don’t forget that you can always contact us to get a free consultation for your smart home setup.

    Our Vision

    Becoming a leading authority is our main vision. This means that, other than just bringing information, we wish to actually impact the industry and shape it effectively.  Trust, quality, and knowledge is what we aim to be known for in this ecosystem.

    Meet Our Team

    Erfan Askari - Founder & Writer​

    Erfan has gained a lot of insight and experience throughout these years; this knowledge-base empowers our brand to give the best service to our customers and readers. As the founder of Smart Home Scope, he does his best to bring all his wisdom to the table by writing our articles and supporting our readers with their problems.

    You can contact Erfan Through platforms below:

    Erfan Askari

    Amirhossein Moqaddasi – Front End Developer

    Amir has helped Smart Home Scope to provide its customers with an effective online platform. Amir’s expertise empowers our online presence; he has created a smooth user experience on our website where users can easily navigate through the pages and find what they need as quickly as possible.

    You can contact Amir Through platforms below:

    Amirhossein Moqaddasi

    Behzad Ziaei – Graphics and Visual Artist

    Smart Home Scope’s visual identity comes from Behzad’s artistic and creative brain. He has an excellent knowledge in the world of graphics and design; he has an aesthetic approach to creating engaging and attractive content for our users.

    You can contact Behzad Through platforms below:

    Behzad Ziaei

    Why Choose Smart Home Scope?

    Many years of hands-on experience have empowered our brand and made it unique among our competitors. We assure you that we’ll be there for you throughout your journey of becoming a smart home owner. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to troubleshoot your gadget, buy new products and need reviews, set up your devices, or generally need advice; you can consider us your trusted partner and ask for a FREE consultation!

    Join Our Community

    Our first priority is providing you with the best content and services possible. Smart Home Scope’s team consists of professional members, each bringing their unique set of skills to create a comprehensive source for you, one that you can refer to anytime a challenge dares to come to your way.