Author: Erfan Askari

Anything that can be connected to internet in order to enhance your living experience is in Erfan's interest! He's been writing about technology and smart home gadgets for more than 6 years and now since the late 2023, he has been a contributor in Smart Home Scope, writing about smart TVs, smart assistants and home-theater devices.

Learning to use Siri to trigger Alexa routines can effectively lead to a more unified smart home ecosystem. Although the Siri and Alexa integration might seem challenging, I have tried to figure out some solutions to get the job done. This article aims to offer solutions for bridging the gap between Apple’s HomeKit and Amazon’s Echo devices. I have attempted to write a comprehensive guide for this challenge in order to help tech-savvy people like me leverage both worlds and harmonize their smart home! Is it Possible to Use Siri to Trigger Alexa Routines? The Concise Answer! Yes, there are…

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